General information

Object of the P.M.S. is the provision of postgraduate level education in Computer Science, through the production and transmission of specialized knowledge, know-how, methodologies, operational tools and research results in the scientific field of applied computer science.
The philosophy of P.M.S. is to provide postgraduate students with the scientific foundations, knowledge, methods and fundamentals that will enable them to continuously learn and improve themselves in an ever-changing work environment.
The P.M.S. awards a Master’s Degree in Applied Informatics.

The courses of the 9th study cycle will be taught online with a modern teaching method, with the right to participate for life by anyone who wishes.

The duration of time for the awarding of the Master’s Diploma of Specialization is defined in three (3) semesters for the full-time program, of which the third semester is allocated for the preparation of the master’s thesis. For the part-time study program, the duration is extended by two (2) additional semesters.

The tuition fees are set at 2,400 euros.
For full-time students, they correspond to 800 euros per semester.
For part-time students, it corresponds to 400 euros in the first four semesters and 800 euros in the last semester.

The P.M.S. can grant scholarships upon admission of postgraduate students to the program for special reasons (financial etc.).

The P.M.S. may determine a special agreement on the amount of tuition fees with scientific and professional bodies.

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